On (eh) 2015, Cameron Montgomery started a YouTube channel and he called it "Mellis". Mellis was going to be a web-toon series on YouTube about me and a friend (Blake Elliss) doing random stuff and going on adventures, the goal was to make the series similar to Eddsworld but we also wanted it to be original. As time went on the channel grew and grew and the name of the channel changed several times and eventually we settled with "The-AVG-Tube" that was the longest running name for the channel. In the mean time I (Cameron Montgomery) made random 20 second 'shorts' to keep the fandom entertained, There hadn't been a single episode written and eventually Blake got bored and went his own way, splitting up from the show. Long after Blake leaving the channel kept going and eventually had minute long shorts to keep you guys entertained, but behind the scenes I was struggling to write a pilot episode. For a year I was just uploading 20 second animation tests and trying to write episodes, I wrote around 8-10 episodes and none of them were good, eventually I wrote something and finally got it, The first ever episode of the show is finally being worked on and it's called "Cookie Supply". The show is about two friends who go on weird and random adventures, the thing that get's them on the adventures could be an advert, maybe there's a problem and they go out to fix it or something like that.

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